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If you’re diving into the world of online retail or looking to spice up your existing WordPress site, you’ll want a theme that does more than just look good—it has to work well, too. Enter WoodMart, a theme that's more than just a pretty face. It's a powerhouse designed for crafting outstanding e-commerce experiences. Ready to find out what makes WoodMart so special? Let’s get into it!

What is WoodMart?

WoodMart is a premium WordPress theme tailored for e-commerce websites. It’s designed to help you create a beautiful, powerful store without needing to be a tech whiz. Whether you're selling fashion, furniture, or digital products, WoodMart has got your back with its versatile design and powerful functionality.

Key Features That Stand Out

1. Responsive and Retina Ready

Today, everyone uses their smartphones to browse and shop. WoodMart ensures that your site looks sharp and runs smoothly on all devices, adapting beautifully from desktops to mobile phones.

2. WooCommerce Compatibility

At the heart of WoodMart is its deep integration with WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This integration allows you to manage your inventory, accept payments, and handle shipping without breaking a sweat.

3. High-Speed Performance

Nobody likes a slow website. WoodMart is optimized for speed, ensuring that your pages load quickly, which is crucial not just for user experience but also for SEO.

4. Advanced Customization

WoodMart offers extensive options to customize your site. You can change colors, adjust layouts, pick from over 60 demo layouts, and much more. And the best part? You can tweak all these without any knowledge of coding!

5. Header Layouts Galore

Your header is the first thing visitors see. WoodMart offers a variety of header styles and options that you can easily adjust to fit your brand’s style.

Ease of Use

One of the reasons WoodMart is so popular is its user-friendly interface. The theme comes with a built-in drag and drop page builder that makes it super easy to create and customize your pages. You can see your changes in real time, which means less guesswork and more creating.

Who Should Use WoodMart?

- Online Store Owners: If you’re setting up shop online, WoodMart is tailored for you. Its seamless integration with WooCommerce means you can start selling right away.

- Business Owners: Not just for e-commerce, WoodMart’s flexibility makes it suitable for business websites too. Present your services or portfolio stylishly and effectively.

- Bloggers: Looking to give your blog a facelift? WoodMart’s sleek design options can help make your content stand out.

Customer Support and Resources

Investing in WoodMart also means getting access to top-notch customer support. The theme developers are responsive and genuinely care about helping you solve any issues you might encounter. Plus, there’s a wealth of documentation and video tutorials to guide you through setting up and customizing your site.


WoodMart isn’t just another WordPress theme. It’s a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to create an engaging and effective online presence. With its emphasis on e-commerce, powerful customization options, and responsive design, WoodMart stands out as a top choice for anyone serious about their online business.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your existing website, WoodMart offers the tools and flexibility needed to create a dynamic and responsive site that drives sales and impresses visitors. Ready to elevate your online presence? Give WoodMart a try and see just how easy and effective building a website can be!

Oh my goodness, where do I even start with the WoodMart theme for WordPress? It’s seriously a life-saver! Setting it up was a piece of cake, which is awesome because I’m not exactly a tech wizard, you know? Just a few clicks and boom, my website started to look like those cool, professional ones.

What I really love is how flexible it is. It’s like whatever I imagine, I can pretty much create. Want to switch up colors? Easy. Change the layout? No problem. And it’s not just for tech stuff—the design is super sleek, which makes everything look more upscale and polished.

And you won’t believe how fast my site loads now. No more spinning wheels or waiting forever for a page to pop up. It’s like zap, and you’re there! Plus, it looks amazing on my phone too, which is super important since everyone’s always on their mobiles, right?

Honestly, if you’re thinking about jazzing up your site or starting a new one, I can’t recommend WoodMart enough. It’s been a total game-changer for me. Super happy with it!

04-07-2024 – Update version 7.5.2

  • FIXED: Header navigation labels. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Blog element on single post issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Lazy loading with Author area element issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Google Lighthouse notices. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Pagespeed insights – accessibility notices. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Order attribution option with checkout layouts. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Render term hint. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Quantity input calculation issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Validator error in mobile navigation script. (Topic)
  • FIXED: PHP warning in WooCommerce product tabs. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Save product attributes with rare symbols. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Render product attributes. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Hide “to” price option with Facebook in-app browser. (Topic)
  • FIXED: HTML blocks for editor user role.
  • FIXED: Elements settings styles in WPBakery 7.7.1.
  • FIXED: PHP errors. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Show variation SKU in “Thank you page”. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Linked attribute name with Polylang plugin issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Product quantity in related and upsells products. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Filters without AJAX functionality. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Check webp file exist for Product gallery option. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Content width in Elementor Container element.(Topic)
  • FIXED: Single product image gallery issue. (Topic)(Topic)
  • FIXED: Hidden sidebar tabs translation issue.
  • IMPROVED: Header builder “Backdrop filter” option rendering position.
  • UPDATED: “Container stretch” option in Elementor Container element.
  • UPDATE: WooCommerce template.

19-04-2024 – Update version 7.5.1

  • FIXED: Source tag for product gallery in loop. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Checkout layout issue with WooCommerce Order Attribution option enabled. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Mobile menu problem. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Enqueue magnific library in side hidden tabs. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Remove duplicate price for variable product with Quick shop issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Maintenance page style issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Product attributes tooltips issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Typography control with WP Bakery page builder issue.
  • UPDATE: WooCommerce template. (Topic)

16-04-2024 – Update version 7.5

  • NEW VERSION: Pills
  • NEW VERSION: Organic Farm
  • ADDED: Layout “Hidden sidebar” for “Product tabs” in layouts. (Video)
  • ADDED: Mobile categories’ layout “Hidden sidebar”. (Video)
  • ADDED: Backdrop-filter for header builder rows. (Video)
  • ADDED: Option “Accordion on mobile” for “Product tabs” element. (Screenshot)
  • ADDED: Product attributes term tooltip. (Video)
  • ADDED: Show SKU on checkout page option. (Screenshot)
  • ADDED: Option “Dropdown padding” for “Default” design dropdown. (Screenshot)
  • ADDED: “Initial number in stock” option in product bulk edit. (Screenshot)
  • ADDED: Show the name of the selected HTML Block in the WPBakery admin. (Screenshot)
  • ADDED: Width option for Image or SVG element on WPBakery. (Screenshot)
  • ADDED: Animation options for Video element on WPBakery. (Screenshot)
  • ADDED: WooCommerce Empty Cart page builder. (Screenshot)
  • ADDED: Product archive “Filtered by term” condition. (Screenshot)
  • FIXED: Hide empty categories option.
  • FIXED: Frequently Bought Together JS error.
  • FIXED: Sticky navigation issue in Firefox browser.
  • FIXED: WCFM buttons on product archive page.
  • FIXED: “Empty Space” element size range options on WPBakery. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Sticky product on single product page, without layouts. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Double dropdown icon in Elementor forms. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Duplicated “clear” button on the single product page. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Product categories default style with white color scheme.
  • FIXED: Scrollbar width on Chromium browser. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Product hover buttons in Advanced button styles option. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Removed scroll when popups are enabled on the mobile. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Removed empty wrapper in “Product meta value” short code. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Some themes check warnings. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Sticky column with load AJAX issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Sticky container visibility issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Translations in theme settings and theme license page. (Topic)
  • FIXED: AJAX product tabs element with AJAX load page issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Wave Validator errors.
  • FIXED: Connect Instagram API issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Duplicate selections in “Product filters” after return to the previous page. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Load product grid element issue.(Topic)
  • FIXED: Product element issue. (Topic)(Topic)
  • FIXED: Output the values of the “Discount” column in the Dynamic Pricing Table. (Screenshot)
  • FIXED: Product gallery on the products loop with product list view issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Swap menus option in Mobile menu Header Builder element. (Topic)
  • FIXED: 360 degree view element init. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Ajax Products Tabs element for WPBakery page builder. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Update WooCommerce registration form. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Scroll per page with element Brand issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: PHP error in product element. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Ajax action “woodmart_get_recently_viewed_products”. (Topic)
  • FIXED: PHP Error. (Topic)(Topic)
  • FIXED: Google Map element on Elementor builder. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Mobile menu console errors. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Lazy loading image issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Links validator issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Product filter with query type “AND” issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Layout PHP notice on WooCommerce order page. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Checkout Manager fields render. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Free shipping bar compatibility with WooCommerce Payments. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Capability for Layouts and Dynamic Discounts. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Dynamic Discounts with Login to see add to cart and prices option. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Side login form issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Remove unnecessary products from wishlist on first page loading. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Single product tabs issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: WooCommerce export products issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Image crop with SVG image issue.
  • REFACTORED: Header builder styles.
  • REFACTORED: Magnific popup styles.
  • IMPROVED: Render SVG with image tag in Infobox, Section title, Tabs, AJAX tabs elements.
  • IMPROVED: Moved close button for popup. (Topic)
  • IMPROVED: Renamed Accordion style “Shadow” to “Boxed” and added background option for this style.
  • IMPROVED: Warning notice when trying to create a single product layout when no products exist. (Screenshot)
  • IMPROVED: Recently view product with cache plugin. (Topic)
  • DEV: Added filter “woodmart_render_svg_with_image_tag” for SVG icons in Infobox, Section title, Tabs, AJAX tabs elements.
  • DEV: Added “woodmart_show_all_products_button_in_categories_nav” filter.
  • UPDATED: Google fonts list.